I’m probably the only blogger on LiveJournal who isn’t also using Twitter. And I’m probably the only writer who doesn’t know how to respond to Twitter-y blog entries. So if you’re In the Know, would you mind giving me a tweet-sized tutorial? 

To wit: When you post tweets* to your blog, are you memorializing them for yourself? Or are you inviting readers to weigh in on some aspect of the "conversation"? Enquiring minds want to know….

*Have I at least got the terminology right?


  1. I don’t use it–and I don’t read it, either. (My dyslexic brain trips over all the numbers, forcing me to read very slowly, and twitter by its very nature doesn’t permit enough content to make that worthwhile . . . with 500 peeps on my flist, I just do not need to know what all those are doing each hour. I’m here for the discussion, really.)

  2. I don’t post my tweets to my blog because I HATE READING TWITTER BLOG POSTS.

    Um, yeah. I feel strongly about that. Unless you are going to post stuff on Twitter that, when read together, will tell me something funny or at least a unified story, I don’t want to read Twitter stuff on LJ. /rant.

    • Omg, me too! Ugh. I can understand maybe (maybe!) people wanting to keep those posts in one place for themselves, but if that’s the case then mark them ‘private’ so only the blog owner can see them. I *am* on Twitter, but use it as a very ‘in the moment’ thing – a quick way of chatting with friends or posting links, etc.

      This practice of putting all Twitter posts on LJ… I just scroll past them, but yesterday I had 4 people in a row on my f-list with those Twitter-summary posts. I don’t see this as a substitute for blogging.

      Um… I’ll shut up now. *blushes* πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t Twitter much, but please friend me if you get on there–basically, you write a tiny blurb (like a facebook update) and you can reply by clicking a tiny arrow on the right side of someone else’s blurb (or tweet)

    I’m on there as seaheidi–

  4. I don’t want to offend anyone on my flist who does this, but I can’t help from adding how lame I think the blogging of Tweets is. My opinions of Twitter aside (which I’ve tried and failed to see any value in), the whole point of Twittering is supposed to be, “This is what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.” What’s the point of posting a day’s worth of your twitters to your blog all at once, for someone to read the next day? And then half of them are replies to tweets from other people, so I can only read half the “conversation.”

    People are just addicted to the attention. We’re all shouting into cyberspace,”Lookit me! Lookit me!” and a lot of people have confused mindless repetition with actually having something worth saying.

  5. I haven’t succumbed to Twitter yet. I’m trying to refrain until I at least make a sale with a novel. I already spend way too much time on LJ and FB! πŸ˜‰

  6. I don’t generally use Twitter to tell people What I Am Doing Right Now, because I find that inane. I use it to post quick links to interesting things I’ve discovered around the web, or mini-updates on the status of my books and/or the writing thereof. Things that I really don’t have time to sit down and write a whole LJ post to justify, but that I would like to share in *some* form. And that is also why I echo my Twitter posts to my LiveJournal, because much of my Twitter content *is* things that I would write a proper LJ post about if I had the time… but I don’t.

    I admit to not reading other people’s Twitter-posts on LJ, but that’s because I generally read them on Twitter anyway.

    I was operating on the assumption that it would be better to have a Twitter feed on my LJ updating content than to let my LJ sit fallow for weeks or a month at a time while I go nuts revising or whatever, but considering the vehement reaction of some of the posters here… possibly not.

    • Of course, having said that, I go and look at my Twitter page and find incisive, meaningful updates like “I can haz saffron cake NOM NOM NOM.” Clearly my impression that my tweets contain material that would be of interest to my LJ friends is exaggerated.

      I repent. I shall go, and LoudTwitter no more.

  7. Another non-twitter here. No Facebook either, until/if/when something gets published. Maybe then. Right now it would just scatter my time and attention in too many directions. LJ is about all I can handle at the moment πŸ™‚

  8. I’m not on it, and have no idea as to the answer. I think some people find it freeing because they can do a one-liner instead of spending all that time thinking up a blog post. I’d rather read a blog post all in one place in my own time instead of sitting there all day, trying to catch people’s one-liners so I can respond and still be part of the conversation. Plus I can’t write short to save my life. πŸ™‚

    • I recently got on Twitter, but I have no idea what I’m doing so I rarely tweet. Sorry, can’t help you, but if you find me out there, I’ll follow you. πŸ™‚

  9. I’m not on Twitter either, at least not right now.

    I figure if someone posts Tweets on their blog, it’s fair game for blog comments.

    Many Tweets underwhelm me. But Karen Healey posts some great Twitter conversations on her blog–she’s actually trading clever one-liners with people!

  10. For me, twitter is about the links to things I didn’t already know, and the occasional agent sending out a request for mss around midnight on a whim(yep, I took her up on that)
    I don’t repost Twitter here. I don’t come here for sound bytes– I come for content;o)
    I say, let Twitter be twitter, and lj be LJ.
    ANd BTW we’re missing you on Facebook, lady!

  11. I keep my tweets on Twitter! If I hadn’t been twittering, I wouldn’t have had the oppty to meet my agent in person a couple of weeks back. But – I don’t post tweets anywhere except Twitter (and I rarely do that!.) I think Twitter & LJ are completely different animals – at least in my brain!
    And, I’m with Liz… we miss you on Facebook!

  12. Hey, Molodye!

    I’m on Twitter, but I don’t post my tweets anywhere else. I use it to post links and quick updates of what I’m doing (in case anyone cares).

    I really like it though–I follow Holly Black’s tweets, and Nathan Bransford’s. It’s a great way of keeping up to date with your friends, but I don’t find the platform ideal for chatting back and forth.

    Here’s a nice little article on writer uses for twitter:

    If you scroll on a tweet post, there is a little arrow that appears and you click on that to reply. You can also send your friends direct messages.

    Hope that helps.

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