Valuable lesson, treasured friend

Yesterday, my friend Posy and I spent a warm autumn afternoon at Laguna Beach. We first took a short walk among the roses, and then we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Las Brisas, an upscale, oceanside restaurant. From our seats by the window, we watched the waves roll in, the tourists stroll by, and the seals sunning themselves on a rock. But most of all, we reveled in each others’ company and took delight in each others’ stories. 

While the rest of the world encourages fifteen-second sound bites and fast-food meals, Posy engages people — life — at a much slower cadence. Part of it’s due to the fact that, at 90 years old, her mobility’s somewhat hampered by age. But her slower pace also reflects her overall philosophy about life. Posy believes you should enjoy each moment, listen with your heart, and savor each experience…and she encourages me to do the same. She helps me trust that if I live fully in the present, the future will take care of itself.  


  1. She’s a spectacular woman and wonderful friend. Her real name is Roslyn, but she’s known as Posy to all her family and friends. She even signs her works with a little flower. So cute!

    We met at a meeting of the Laguna Beach branch of the National League of American Pen Women. I’m a “letters” member (writer) and she’s an artist (sculptor). Serendipity, don’t you think?

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