Vivid Writing

 If you pass by the color purple in a field and
don’t notice it, God gets real pissed off.
Alice Walker

The rain transformed my backyard flowerbeds into purple tussy-mussies. My magnolias, lavender, hyacinth, sweet alyssum, violas and pansies are coming into bloom.


I know, I know. Show, don’t tell. My pictures don’t do the flowers justice, though. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to make their colors come alive for the camera. I see bright indigos and lavenders in my viewfinder, but the photographs look blue or faded pink. 


Do you ever have writing days like this? When, try as you might, your words don’t quite match the images in your head? Yeah, me too. I try not to get frustrated, try seeing them as opportunities for improvement. Maybe they’re also blessings in disguise, helping us better appreciate our flashes of brilliance. 


  1. What a wonderful picture (and post) to open up my LJ friends to! Thankyou for your perfectly purple timing and..for this memory:

    When my youngest was about four years old, we were on a mini-mountain hike. We came upon a field of clover, rich purple up to my daughter’s waist clover. She was just a few paces ahead of us when she turned, her face just glowing..”This is the color of my world!”

  2. Oh I love that quote! And your photo is wonderful to look at on a day like today when all I can see is white stuff and more white stuff coming down! They say we can expect 16-18 inches before it’s through sometime tomorrow night! Grrrrr!!

    Yup, I have days like that all the time. I’m not too sure if I’ve ever had a flash of brillance, it’s more like just plain, stupid luck.

  3. Do you ever have writing days like this? When, try as you might, your words don’t quite match the images in your head?

    Oh, just about every time I sit down to write. All of these grand stories in my head look like the equivalent of a watercolor painting done by a 1st grader. Oy.

    I’m sure you have more thatn mere flashes of brilliance, Miss Melodye. The photo in your post doesn’t look very faded to me. It looks pretty vibrant. Just like your writing!

    • I love your watercolor imagery. See, you’re brilliant!!!

      That was the only good photo out of a whole bunch. Like my writing, I guess…I write lots of words before I hit on one I like.

      I posted new hummer photos today. How are yours doing? They looked like gangly teenagers to me. 🙂

      • I love your watercolor imagery. See, you’re brilliant!!!

        LOL… if only there were a market for books written like that though. lol…

        Oh, I tend to think that there are lots more good words in your bunches than in most people’s.

        My hummies are doing great! I think they’re getting over the gangly teenager phase and are rapidly becoming little adults. lol… how are your babies doing?

  4. Now your pansies have that brilliant color. Bubba’s pansies this morning had their coats on to keep warm. They looked a little blue around the gills. You make great photos. Just wish I could do as well as you do. Just got to get doc to teach me how to down load to LJ.
    As far as those writing days you speak of, do the Bubba thing. Get out, smell the fresh air, notice the beauties of nature all around you. This will help clear ones mind. Either that or go to Lulla Belles BBQ & Chile Parlor for fried Lizard tails and a cold beer.

    • Poor Texas pansies. I hope they get some warmer weather soon. I won’t mention our 78-degree temperatures we had this afternoon…oh wait…

      I love doing that Bubba thing. You’re right: It really does help to get outdoors. I’m not so sure about the lizard tails, though.

    • Oh, I *do* understand what you mean. Exactly. That’s the hardest work of all, I think. Your courageous, indominable spirit must really help in times like this.

      ::HUGS:: you back

  5. I posted the only vivid photo that I had. The others, I deleted.

    I had a washed-out writing day today, too. My new post was the only thing I liked…and that’s ’cause it involved cute little birdies. Ah well, we’ll keep trying, right?

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