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Close on the coattails of April Fools Day and Daylight Savings Time, there’s another landmark moment this month. Someone with apparently too much time on their hands has figured out that, at 1:02 tomorrow morning (Wednesday, April 5, 2006), the time and date will be 01:02:03, 04-05-06

If you’re a night owl who’s fascinated with numbers, you’ll want to synchronize your clocks right now, so you can celebrate the occasion at precisely the right time. But I’m an early-to-bed writer, so I’ll  probably sleep through this chronological quirk. 

Oh, and one more thing, way off topic. Though I usually don’t post about politics here, this morning I’d like to dedicate a song to (soon-to-be-former) Representative Tom Delay: It’s Hard Out There For A Pimp. Bwwaahahaha.


    • Ha! That’s a bit of a cheat, isn’t it? Still, if it means I don’t have to stay up past midnight, I’m all for fudging the rules.

      And then there’s the matter of time zone differences…

  1. 123456

    I think someone has way too much time on their hands..however, it is an interesting observation!

    did you see hustle & flow or just the Oscars?


    • Re: 123456

      So, did you take note of that moment? Not me; I was fast asleep.

      As to your question, just the Oscars. I’ve got that movie on my list, though… How ’bout you?

      • Re: 123456

        I was asleep too, i’ve been sick and also been taking care of my 1 yr old who’s been sick as well. today he seem so much better.

        i have a love/hate relationship w/ the Oscars. i watched some of it this year but had a book club meeting so i missed the beginning. i really wish Matt Dillon had won for Crash, but at least i got to bask in his adorableness.


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