• Aw, thanks. You know how it is with family: we stick together, don’t we? If it benefits one, it’s hugely important to all.

      And you know how it is with us Scorpios. When a problem surfaces, we’re laser-focused until it reaches a satisfactory conclusion. 🙂

  1. Texas hugs and smiles to you and your family. Glad things worked out for you. Your in-laws are lucky to have you to look over them. Glad to see you back.

  2. Although I don’t know the details, I can sense your relief! I’m so glad the road ahead seems a little smoother now, smooth enough to let you have the headspace for tea and scones!

    On a sidenote, I LOVE the picture you posted above of the badass little girl – I gave a pack of napkins with that same image on them to Mum for Christmas.

    • Mmmm, scones. I think I know someone who bakes cranberry orange scones that are outta this world… 🙂

      So funny that you got your Mum a packet of those napkins! I actually bought myself a package just this past weekend, by way of celebration. They totally captured my fancy (and the moment), and I’m captivated by all the other designs the artist has created.

      I’ve really missed you and your mom. There’s a Canada-sized space in my heart for you….How are things with my friends to the North?/ xoxoxo

      • I think you DO know someone like that. Hm, I can almost smell them … *glances longingly towards kitchen*

        Things have had their ups and downs lately, but definitely on an upswing right now. Mum and I are in consensus that there is a badass-scale hole in both of our hearts for you! We should work on stitching those suckers up.

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