1. It’s pretty ironic considering the rights she’s trying to strip away from women.

    Is it tongue and cheek?

    Lol re: now I finally know one of her reading sources…hahah!

  2. I didn’t see it myself, so maybe I’m misinterpreting; from your description here it almost seems like she’s just baiting the media to see what they do with her statement, more than an actual statement that she really believes this. Maybe she feels like her words are being twisted, and she’s reacting.

    Playing games with media gossip doesn’t make me feel any better than the idea of getting one’s life goals from random messages on coffee cups, though.

    You know, there are women who make great heads of state. They usually have some credibility. Personalities like Angela Merkel (German chancellor) or Hilary might rub some people wrong, but at the same time, there’s no denying that they also come across as legitimate leaders, people to be reckoned with. Alas, I’m having a really hard time imagining Palin sitting down with hardcore leaders who don’t like us very much.

    • I do think she’s baiting the media. It’s also a thinly-disguised dog-whistle to reel in certain constituents.

      I so agree with you about strong role models who represent women well. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine her sharing the same room, much less the world stage.

  3. I bet that was scripted for her also!

    I read all your links — the one about Madeline Albright — was dated Oct 1st – I think –soooooooo
    I betcha Palin didn’t even drink the coffee or even see the cup — some nasty McCain Staffer did and it went into Palin’s speech as a way to get back at Madeline Albright’s remarks about Palin

    just like that ‘say it ain’t so joe’ remark Palin made at the debate — she ‘looks’ best when she has memorized a speech — by the same speech writers that wrote this Bush’s speeches in the 2000 and 2004 campaigns.

    I’m sure reportes will ask M. Albright for a comment.

    • Re: I bet that was scripted for her also!

      My thoughts exactly. However Palin was actually served up that quote (by a political operative or through divine “providence,” by way of a barista), the way she used it was inaccurate and wholly inappropriate.

  4. As much as I wish Miz Molly was still around, not to mention Ann Richardson, who I really wish was around is the one to whom your post title can be attributed.

    Can you imagine what Dottie would have to say about Madam Sarah?

  5. It’s hard to take her seriously. It’s even harder to believe so many do. When I saw Tina Fey’s impersonation of the Katie Couric interview, I thought she was more together and intelligent than the real woman. The more I see and hear of Palin, the more she reminds me of a really bad Saturday night live skit.

  6. I think I must be a political moron — when I read Palin’s statement, I thought she was saying that the press would twist whatever she said and make it negative, even though she thought it was a positive statement. Of course, if that’s truly what she meant, then she was right 😉 Or I might just be a political moron, hehe.

  7. It’s the desperation that’s making Team McCain resort to all of these idiotic distortions of the truth, code words to rile up the base and ever-changing positions to scrape up a few more votes. Bleh. They’re getting killed in the polls and the Republicans are taking a beating in the downticket races. If the trends continue, there will be a big Democratic majority in the House and Senate to go along with President Obama.

    All of this makes me really, really, really concerned about November.

    That being said, Palin is an idiot. Did you know that Afghanistan is our “neighboring country” now?

    • Are you seriously worried about November? I’m feeling optimistic…the American public is waking up to the important choices/issues we’re facing. We just have to keep nudging our neighbors, lest they fall back asleep before Election Day.

      Email me, if you’re still interested in a Monday meet-up in the near future…

  8. *jaw hits floor*

    This is the first time I’ve read about this. Just when I think that woman can’t get any worse… Well, I guess I should give her credit for being able to surprise me.

    • It’s an ugly election season, no doubt about that!! But in the end, we’re all equally endowed with the right and responsibility to choose the more capable candidate–or to live with the consequences, if we abdicate.

      I believe participation in our democracy matters this year more than ever. Let’s pray for the wisdom of Solomon…

  9. LOL Palin wouldn’t say what newspapers she reads but has no hesitation of mentioning what quotes she read off coffee cups… humm…I wonder if she also gets her information from restaurant placemats?

    Would I be too catty if I said off bathroom walls??

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