Where are the ark angels when you need ’em?

On Friday the 13th, I wrote a post about being lucky, and then I gave myself the afternoon off. I enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch with my girlfriends – tra la la, how lucky you get?


Fast-forward to late Friday afternoon, when I discovered a potential leak in my kitchen. Uh-oh

Long story short: I took this picture after most of the water-damaged material was carted away. 


  1. oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Document with pictures!
    Hope your insurance comes through.

    so sorry Melodye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thoughts going out there for you


  2. Oh, d-d-d-dear *said in a tiny Piglet voice*

    It looks like your little leak turned into a colossal flood. Wish that I could come toting a hammer, masquerading as an ark angel, but I’m afraid I would be no help whatsoever.

    (That window peeking out in the corner is SO pretty.)

  3. This is horrible! I sooo feel for you because I have a house that floods. I mean FLOODS, like, you have to wade through the family room. We have no basement so it comes right into our living space. And no, insurance does NOT cover this.

    Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!

  4. *throws you a life preserver*

    How awful. My apartment flooded several years ago–cleaning up water damage sucks so bad. Hang in there–it’ll all get fixed (and now you get to pick out new stuff for your kitchen).

    Hugs to you.

  5. You hinted once that your culinary skills and desires were like mine, in which case, now might be a good time to change that room into something you really want and need. Like, an office?

    No, seriously, it does look like there’s a lot of work and loud noise in your future. I’m sorry about that.

  6. That’s not right, Melodye. So sorry you’re faced with that mess.

    My brother flooded his kitchen a few years ago and took the opportunity to remodel the kitchen into what he really wanted. Something tells me, though, your kitchen was already what you wanted.

    Sending wishes for clean-up fairies to descend upon your household…

  7. Is that I noose I see hanging there????
    I hope it’s that bad (that you need a noose, I mean!) and you’ll soon have it back the way you want, without too much of an expense.

  8. OOOO….NO! A tiny little leak can do so much damage. Hope your kitchen is getting fixed, soon! Hang in there. One leak (and it can be small!) can do so much damage.

  9. UGH!!!!!!!!!! So sorry to hear this, girl! I take it you are drying out now and into repairs….fun. I just had a similar Mr. Mom week: fridge and bottom of my dbl oven just busted — along with our sprinklers!

    • Ha! It *is* nice that we’ll get a remodeled kitchen, but I’d have preferred more time to consider all the options we’re now having to make at warp speed.

      Definitely, I’ll take pictures. But it’ll be a long process; from what I understand, if we ordered cabinets this week, we’re probably not going to have a finished kitchen ’til early September.

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