1. I would say that God is -still- writing the Book of Love; that He is allowing us to be his writing implements; and that you, dear Melodye, are a finely crafted pen from which His message flows most smoothly.

  2. The more I look, the less I find a who or an author. It’s an amazing mystery that we give form to through our writing and living. It seems to overflow from your pen, dear Melodye!

  3. Oh man, total earworm… that song is now banging away in my head and I can’t make it stop. lol…

    I think my father followed your father’s 11th Commandment. 🙂

    Beautiful, beautiful words, Melodye. And I think I agree with you… we’re all writing our own books and our stories should come from the heart. And hopefully we’re all continually adding and revising our chapters. I think our Books of Love are continually growing and evolving as we do.

    Wonderful post, Melodye. As always.

    • That supplemental commandment always got me into trouble!

      I like the idea that we can add and revise. Thanks for pointing that out!

      Are you still hearing the song in your head? Hey, let’s form a choir!

  4. Another wonderful post Melodye. I agree with you… we are all writing our own Books of Love and our stories should always come from the heart, unlike the advice I was given a while ago by my ex-mentor, which was to always write to the market. Sorry but I can’t do that! My writing needs to resonate with something deep inside me or else it’s just a bunch of meaningless words written down on a piece of paper.

    Ah… the Eleventh Commandment! Yup, my father also believed in that one which is why I got into sooo much trouble as a child and made fast friends with the corner in the kitchen by the back door.

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