Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on

Husband: Did you feel it?
Me: Oh yeah, I sure did.
Husband: Big, wasn’t it?
Me: Yup.

No injuries or damage reported, but we had a 4.7 magnitude earthquake about an hour ago (epicenter close to Los Angeles). Whee…another SoCal adventure! 

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    • I know how that feels. We get complacent, and then…the Big(ger) One hits. A reminder, I guess, to get our emergency kits together. My kids had to bring an Emergency Backpack to school (with water, first aid supplies, cans of tuna and fruit, etc.). Do yours?

  1. Glad it wasn’t too serious… I never thought of that song quite that way before!

    I just went on a lovely tour down memory lane, surfing on YouTube, listening to a Carole King medley.

  2. More justification for you to pack your bags and head east to my side of the world, young lady. I don’t want you to ever experience danger.

    How did you know I used to channel Carole King’s TAPESTRY when I was little? We Brooklyn goils gotta schtick togethah!

    SO you’re safe, yes? xoxoox

    Pamela who puts the Warts in Worries

    • “who puts the Warts in Worries.”

      lol, but not. Yes, I’m safe, no worries! You have plenty on your mind, without worrying about me. ((HUGS))

      I’m headed to the East Coast next week for the Backspace Conference. I’ll enjoy being Back East, but sadly, I won’t have time to visit your neck of the woods. I know already that I’ll be thinking of you, though. How could I not–you are iconic Long Island.

      Missing you…

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