1. Carol Baldwin

    Seeing a cactus in bloom is such a prickly delicious treat. Saw a few in Arizona when we were out west. Makes me smile just to see your photos. Thanks, as always, for sharing your discoveries!

    • Melodye Shore

      Done, and thanks for the suggestion!! I should’ve thought to label them when I first posted this entry. And oh, Margaret, it’d be so fun to take a photography field trip with you!

    • Melodye Shore

      I live in a perpetual state of wonder–how is it possible, that the desert wasteland is now carpeted with so many vivid colors?

      • Melodye Shore

        I love the color combination, too–I’m thinking I might want to plant some yellow flowers in my own garden, which is predominately pink and purple.

  2. Mindykin

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos. I grew up in the desert but left many years ago. Your images make my heart happy–and help me explain to my East Coast friends what I mean when I say my favorite part of the desert was the flowers!

    • Melodye Shore

      It’s hard to imagine this in your mind’s eye, until you’ve actually seen it for yourself. It makes my heart sing, too, and I’m a beach girl, more so than a desert rat. 🙂

    • Melodye Shore

      You will LOVE every minute, and every turnout! Have a wonderful trip. and please come back to share your pictures.

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