The lucky winner of American Girl’s Suzie “Z” Yang doll is…

Such a treat, to see  Suzie”Z” Yang–American Girl’s newest character doll–leap off the screen and into your hearts!  But hmmm, with so many sweet entries and just one prize, how could I possibly pick a winner?

I jotted down everyone’s name, folded the slips of paper, and stashed them in Z’s backpack.

You know where this is leading, don’t you?

We took a trip to one of Z Crew’s favorite hangouts!

Willy Wanka music wafts through Powell’s Sweet Shoppe, and the cotton candy machine flashes neon.  Piñatas dangle from the stamped tin ceiling  and who can resist this colorful display of vintage toys and candy?

This is Victoria, the lucky proprietor of Powell’s. She’s got a ready smile, and wouldn’t you, if you could wile away the hours in a place like this? As of today, Victoria’s also an honorary member of Z’s Crew. (I snapped this photo shortly after she graciously agreed to draw the winner’s name.)

19 entries in Z’s backpack…is your name among them?

Oops, camera slip! (I double-dog dare you not to get sidetracked by these yummy displays!!)

And now, without further ado, the winner of American Girl’s first Korean-American doll is….

Janet Clare F wins her very own Suzie “Z” Yang doll!  

Here’s what our lucky winner had to say about Z Yang:

What I like best is that Z is Korean-American. I have three wonderful and close Korean friends. They are among the best and kindest people I know. What I love about Z as well is that she is creative and has attitude. She figures a way to solve her problem rather than just be defeated by her situation. I love how she has decided to have each of her AG friends look around and share what is neat about her hometown. Should I be lucky enough to win this doll, she will be gifted to our granddaughter who will come to know how much we value our Korean friends, creativity and strong people who work in positive ways to solve the problems in their lives and in the world.”

Congratulations, Janet, and thanks to everyone who entered!


    • Melodye Shore

      How gracious of you, to help celebrate the winner! Thanks for entering the contest, Abby. I hope you’ll stay tuned for more posts about American Girls and their stories…

  1. Esther Loveridge

    Again, your writing brings me right into your arms.

    Your sweet spirit is so contagious.


    • Melodye Shore

      So kind of you to say, Esther! I love that we are connected in so many ways.

      Enjoy your cruise–I’m loving all the posts about your adventures!

    • Melodye Shore

      YAY!!!! I’m thrilled to think of all the happy memories you’ll make with your granddaughter, with Z Yang in the mix. Hope her videography has inspired you to record your own stories in some way… xo

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