1. Yeah, I liked the console TVs better, too. I’ve never been much for the modernist look in furniture.

    We rarely watched TV (an off-again, on-again edict from my parents), so I felt lucky when I landed babysitting jobs where the parents allowed their children to watch tv and (!!) listen to their hi-fi. Thrilling times!

    • I had an AWESOME console TV, inherited from Grandma, a beautiful piece of actual FURNITURE. Unfortunately it died a few years back and there was no way to fix it (the needed parts simply didn’t exist). I cried when we had to lug it to the curb.

      PS I am SO glad you are back and posting again! I missed you. xox

      • I’m a softie for heritage pieces, too. They’re more than vintage objects with a dollar value–the memories they represent help make them treasures in their own right. so…*sniff*…I’m sorry for your loss. 🙁

        I’m SO glad to be posting/commenting again. I’ve really, REALLY missed connecting with you. xoxoxo

    • A hippie, eh? LOL. I was too young in 1969 to protest The Man and all things Plastic. 🙂

      (Heck, I was still begging my parents to let me watch Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color….)

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