• I remember there was also a Suzy Homemaker stove back then, but pfft, what little girl didn’t want her very own Easy Bake Oven?

      Seems to me that baking thing worked out fine for you…See, Santa really does know best. 🙂

  1. Re: may i have

    Santa’s got you on his “Nice” list, because your good deeds far outweigh any naughtiness, real or imagined. Not sure what he’ll bring you, but I’ve got a feeling he knows what you like/need most. xo

  2. I bought my daughter an Easy Bake oven a few years ago, mostly because I didn’t have one when I was little! We’ve had so much fun with it. And she has Silly Putty, a jump rope, my old ball and jacks, and a Spirograph! Funny how history repeats itself…

  3. Oh, how I wanted a Spirograph! Hanging in my breakfast nook is a jumprope from that era, still in the package. And I have two Viewmasters with old stereo slides . . . Thanks for the memories!

  4. What memories! I wanted an Easy Baker Oven, but I never got one. I did have silly putty, though. I loved the Spirograph. And of course, the jump rope. Thanks for sharing the memories.

    • You must have been on Santa’s list of “nice” girls and boys. 🙂 He gave me jacks and a jump rope. Oh, and a Big Chief tablet, a requirement for school.

      Much later, I got these as hand-me-down toys: A spirograph, the Casper slides for Viewmaster, and silly putty (no longer pink, but grey).

      • He knows you’ve been good. ;>)

        Yeah, it was a big factory (Dad was a truck driver), and it always seemed huge to young me. They had a Santa on hand for the kids of the employees.

        My sister was the “girly” one, so she always got the cute fashion dolls. I was more into G.I. Joes and cars. :>)

  5. Brings back memories!

    I LOVED my Easy Bake oven!

    I didn’t like playng with jacks or jumping rope that got boring.,

    I had Silly Putty – at my grandfather’s house & we copied the funnies with it.
    He had a Viewmaster with old pictures in from National parks.

    I had a Thumbelina that moved around after you wound her up.

    I had a Tammy Brite doll but wanted a Barbie == Mom recently told me she didn’t like how articial Barbie looked that’s why I didn’t get one.

    Thanks, melodye for the Wordless Wednesday memories =)

      • Re: Brings back memories!

        Jacks and jump rope were stalwart friends of mine!! Since they were easily transported, I got to take them with me when we moved. But as for the other toys…either Santa didn’t get my forwarding address, or I was on his Naughty list. Or maybe both. Lucky for me, I got some of these as hand-me-down toys when other kids got bored. 🙂

        I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Wordless Wednesday posts. It’s fun to walk with you down Memory Lane!

  6. Oh, this made me smile. I think my grandma still has the spirograph (loved it). I had a Holly Hobby easy-bake oven that I am really looking forward to introducing my daughters to someday.

    Merry Christmas! Jeni

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