• I so wish you could’ve joined us at our bistro table (or leisurely strolls). They obviously take pride in their cheeses–they were extra creamy & flavorful. Savored with wine and a fresh baguette…oh my goodness, I was in heaven.

    • One important take-away (at least for me) was that there’s great joy & satisfaction to be had in feasting on fresh, well-prepared food. Especially when you take time to savor it — and your dining companion(s)! 🙂

    • We were like Templetons (ref: Charlotte’s Web), sampling our way through Europe.

      Those macarons rival any form of artwork, I think. I love the way they create such beautiful plates, they way they put their treats on display. How can anyone resist? 🙂

  1. LOL! I agree that Lulla Bella’s BBQ and Chile Parlor is in a class of its own. If ever I make my way out there, I’ll belly up to the counter. 🙂 *smacks lips at the very thought*

    (Who in their right mind wouldn’t love sharing a delicious bbq dinner with exceptional friends–especially with a chaser of chocolate chip cookies?)

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