• Our backyard is the neighborhood meeting place for house finches, goldfinches and more! They’re a bit flighty, so I took this picture through our dining room window. They work their way through an entire tube of food, almost every day!

      Oh, and those are Nyger (thistle) seeds. I love that finches can fit their tiny little beaks through the screen, but the holes are too small for squirrels/rodents.

    • It’s a joy, truly.

      For a long while, they ignored the bird bath I’d bought for them. Or maybe they just didn’t see it. My friend at Wild Birds Unlimited told me to install a whirlygig that stirs up the water. That, and move it closer to the food source. Voila, it worked! They flit from the gardenia bush to the bird bath all day long, chirping and splashing. When they’re not eating, that is.

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