• Hi there, and congratulations again for finishing your YA book! I’ll look forward to hearing what your agent thinks. ๐Ÿ™‚

        The Author’s Tent is my series of interviews with authors whose books have captured my attention because they relate in some way to my own work in progress (and/or which somehow captured my fancy). If you want to visit the Author’s Tent archives, point your browser here:

        Oh, and my latest interview is posted today. Check it out, if you’d like!

      • 1. I was brewing Paris tea, by Harney & Son. Ever heard of it? Wonderful stuff. It’s a fruity black tea with a hint of bergamot and creamy caramel. We visit their store in Connecticut, but I think it might be available at Barnes & Noble. Not sure about that flavor, but they sell lots of tasty teas from Harney’s.

        2. The storms lasted all morning. The skies cleared, the rains stopped, and the thunder faded away. Then…BOOM! They were back again. But we’re in a period of calm now. I believe the storm’s supposed to last another day before moving on. WEIRD weather for SoCal!!

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