1. Your photo and words–about the flock of goldfinches with their wings in the sun–cheered me so much yesterday, though it’s not until today that I got a chance to tell you so. I’ve been feeling a tad dark now and then, myself. I like the idea of sharing tea with you, watching our garden.

    • See, this is one of the magical things about LJ–it connects us with kindred spirits. I’d love to savor tea with you today (or anytime)…to walk through the darkness together, when time and circumstances call for that, and/or to explore together that lightness of being. xo

  2. Pour me a cup, darlin’. I’ll bring my notepad and we’ll share writing time too. Sometimes it’s a bit easier with an understanding soul. And when I go, may you be so immersed in your work, you hardly notice.

    • It’s a *lot* easier to work alongside an understanding soul…I’m so glad for your company!!!

      If you’ve left, I didn’t notice. Your departure was quiet as a whisper. But you know what? I still feel your presence…such a gift. xoxo

  3. Anonymous

    I was gigling . I admire their effort to transmit the lyrics but it was a little funny.

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