You + Me = One

I’ve been deeply affected by all the devastation (geographic, political, you name it) that’s dominated the news of late. Usually, I jump in with both hands and feet, looking for ways that I can help. But day after day of divisive rhetoric and crushing images…well, after a while, I got overloaded. Like a pill bug, I tucked myself into a tiny ball, waiting and wishing for calmer days. Haven’t seen me much on LJ? That’s probably why.


*Deep cleansing breaths*


I’m not an insular person by nature, and I’m ready at last to come out of my protective shell. Today I’m surrounding myself with positive messages –  like this song, which I’m playing over and over. The lyrics are somewhat open to interpretation, but “One Love” reminds me that we’re all human, joined together by common threads. I’m comforted and reinvigorated by the thought that we, you and I, are one with everybody else.


  1. I definitely understand being overwhelmed, as well as going into hermit mode. I’m still there and have no idea when I’ll come out. Hugs to you and the rest of this hurting world…

  2. I hear you Melodye! (((HUGS))) It can seem overwhelming at times, but what ticks me off even more is that after you have jumped in with both feet and helped, nothing changed. It’s just more and more of the same.

    You’re statementwe’re all human, joined together by common threads is so true,

    Humankind has not woven the web of life.
    We are but one thread within it.
    Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
    All things are bound together.
    All things connect.

    Chief Seattle, 1854

    • I’m not exactly Scarlett O’Hara (fiddle-dee-dee, I’ll think about it tomorrow), but neither am I the groundhog day guy, who stood by helplessly as the same thing happened, over and over again. Somewhere in the middle, there’s got to be a sweet spot of responsiveness and detatchment.

      Great quote. I’m grateful, S. (HUGS)

  3. I, personally, believe that if you can find a good coping mechanism such as the pill bug technique, you should go for it. Do what you need to keep your strength and preserve your joy.

    I’m glad we’re connected and I appreciate that you’ve come out to spread some One Love to your community. You and Bob Marley make me smile.

    • You’re way wiser than your years. xo 🙂

      I’m much better than I used to be, when it comes to keeping a healthy perspective/distance. It’s taken a long time, though. I used to dive head-first into Solution Mode, but now I allow myself to step back so I can (re)gain perspective.

      I’m glad we’ve connected, too! You never fail to make ME smile.

  4. Amen!

    I think sometimes we need to step back and fill our own wells before we can face certain things. There is nothing wrong with that! I think of it as centering myself and then I’m much more effective in seeing our one-ness!

    Glad you are feeling better today! 🙂

      • Aw, shucks, Melodye 🙂 (digs toe in dirt…) I’m glad if anything I’ve said has been helpful to you!

        I love your analogy with the oxygen mask. That is so true!

  5. I have to admit, I avoid the news. I just can’t take all that negative gunk…one moment at a time, remember that there’s always someone doing something amazing for another person during every moment of the day!

    • I’m not sure I could completely distance myself from the news, but I need to work on keeping things in their proper perspective (whatever that means). I think it’s incumbent on all of us to help one another in our time(s) of need, but hey, that doesn’t mean we should deplete all of our own resources in the process. It’s all about balance, right? xo

  6. I have some of those times also. Only I think of myself as a turtle pulling back into my shell. Waiting for the storm to pass over as I try to think things through. By giving myself a breather, I can find the strength to continue forward.
    I feel this way now with all the political junk going on. There isn’t one person running for the President that I can support much less vote for. Sure won’t be working on any campaign. Maybe in 4 years we will have someone to come out and say it is time to turn this around. Can only hope. Well it’s time to try to stick my head out and continue life’s journey.

  7. There has been so much going on here at home and abroad and it sometimes feels like little of it has been good. I can’t blame you for tucking yourself inside of your shell for a bit.

    I definitely noticed your absence, Melodye. And you’ve been missed. I’m glad your coming out now and I am so glad that you’re surrounding yourself with the positive. The song you picked out was wonderful. I love that song very, very much. A very wonderful choice.

    You’re right… though some deny it, though some refuse to look for them, we are all definitely bound by some common threads. I hope you’re doing okay, Melodye. Your friends are here for you…

    And I am offering up these songs to help surround you with more love, friendship and good, positive energy…

      • It really does help to have others on our journies with us. So thank you for your friendship as well, Melodye. And thank you for being able to put up with how… excitable I can be at times. 😉

  8. Great Song!

    I also like It’s a Wonderful World sung by Louis Armstrong– to remind me =)

    A few days after Sept 11th. . . I went to Battleground Park — it’s near me – it’s where they fought the Revolutionary War
    I studied the diorama of the Battle of Monmouth and looked through things in the museum about Moly Pitcher etc. It showed that the area was mostly dirt and scarred by the war. [ i hate war — so that was rough]

    Then I went outside and just looked at the trees and hills and farm in the distance and thought ‘the land healed from that war, the country healed, we can heal after this. . ‘

    Anyway –Thanks for listening

    & good for you looking for ways to help yourself!

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